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- m16e.tools: a set of Java classes which is the core of most of our applications. Available separately as it's published under the LGPL license.

- Gaudí: a Database Visual Editor, written in Java, that allows you to design, populate and change any database to which we have a JDBC 2.0 (or higher) driver.
To represent the table's metadata it uses UML-like static diagrams (though, in fact, they are adapted from a model called INFOLOG, taught in portuguese schools in the late 80's as an alternative to Chen's, which tend to occupy too many space. This representation became outdated by UML, thought UML didn't seem apropriate for this project.

- Magritte: Magritte is a framework to build user interfaces for Java applications, which are saved in XML files, allowing a user to change the interface without the need to recompile the code.
It will also generate Java code to respond to GUI events.

- MP-Biz (aka Evaristo): a ERP + CRM client-server suite for small and medium enterprises.

Addicional Support
If you intend to use any of theese applications in a production environment, perhaps you should consider acquiring one of the commercial licenses, which will grant you our support to your project (and will help us continuing our work).