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Memória Persistente is a small software house based in Fontanelas, near Sintra, in Portugal, creating solutions for both the developers and the final costumer.

Founded in November of 2000, we develop sofware tools for database management and systems integration, using Java, C, XML and other standard technologies.

Because we do not believe in the advantages(?) of software patents and close solutions, we do not foresee the need of hiding the code, unless it is for hiding bugs or leaving back-doors. So...

Now we are releasing them to whole wide world for apreciation and pleasure. We have started in mars 2002 with a servless mailing list manager, and we continued in may with a visual database manager. More will follow...

Developing mainly in Java and targetting both Linux and Windows we are certain to offer you an alternative to the Systems Integration Nightmare.

Addicional Support: If you intend to use any of theese applications in a production environment, perhaps you should consider acquiring one of the commercial licenses, which will grant you our support to your project (and will help us continuing our work).