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A Library of Java Classes to Ease Your Life

Notice: The software here included, is provided "as is" and without any kind of warranty, and is published under the LGPL license.
By downloading any of theese files, you implicitly agree with the terms of the referred license.

There is (still) no User's Guide, no Programmer's Guide or Reference, sorry! There is, however, a small description of the packages and some of the classes.

Some of the classes are documented in the javadoc way, some are not, other may have the comments out of date.

This was merely a question of (not having) time to produce it. As questions and doubts begin arriving to us we will try to build at least a proper set of javadoc comments, so you can deal with the API. For now, you have to stick to Gaudí for examples of using the API.

Addicional Support
If you intend to use any of theese applications in a production environment, perhaps you should consider acquiring one of the commercial licenses, which will grant you our support to your project (and will help us continuing our work).