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Gaudí Magritte

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Memória Persistente is a small software house based in Gouveia – Fontanelas.

Focused in Consulting and Software Development, our goal is to create innovative solutions for both developers and final costumers.

Working mainly in the area of Software Development and Systems Integration, we also deal with several free-lancers (Designers, Photographers, Sound Enginners, among others) in order to fulfill most of our client's needs.

As a kind of side effect, and powered by the need of working with applications we do can master, we have devoloped several general purpose tools, mainly for internal use.

Because we are not selfish, and we do believe that everybody will profit from our work, we are publishing most of the code we have produced so far (see Free Software for details) in the net.

Magritte - v0.2
Magritte - a User Interface Designer and Framework - [detail].
Gaudí - v1.1 is out!
Gaudí - a Database Visual Editor - An abstration layer and framework to ease the interfacing with DBMS using JDBC. [detail].
Av. N. S. da Esperança, 100-B - GOUVEIA
2705-645 S. João das Lampas - SINTRA
Tel: 219 291 591 - Fax: 219 289 580
e-mail: geral@m16e.com